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Thread: Duplex

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    what do you think about this one?
    When I watched the trailer I thought that this can become one of the best comedy's this year even when it's rated Drama

    Scary movie 3 will be my nr.1 this year


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    it's doesn't have drama in it. It's Comedy/Crime, and it supposedly bombed at the box office so I probably won't see this one.

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    I don't like Ben Stiller's movies.

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    well its was directed by danny divito & hes kinda hit or miss
    Meet the Parents was good(btw making part 2 meet the fockers) and perment midnight (good drug flick)
    and Starsky & Hutch will be comeing out soon with snoop dog as huggy bear
    fo shizzel

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    I went and saw it and it is the classic example of a good movie getting ripped by critics for no reason. It is a "good" movie. People just have grown to expect "great" movies from Stiller. Even Zoolander had funny moments. If you like dark comedy than you will like this movie. I put it in the same class as Throw Momma from the Train... funny but it is not winning any awards.

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    I want to see Duplex really bad but the movie I REALLY want to see is Scary Movie 3! I cannot wait for that movie. THe other two were probably the funniest movies that i've ever seen. When scary movie three comes out on video i wanna get all three of the dvd's in a boxed set.


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