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Thread: Cont... How To Fix Kazzas Biggest Flaw Cp

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    the last one got locked? I don't know why. but it lasted over two hours and then we started to get some where and then we where stoped. So I want to abolish chidporn from k++ for good. my idea whitch i didnt get to type is to create a virise that will shearch and destroy known cp but I am not a programer so?
    if you can help let me. now I know it has been discused before but I will no longer turn my head. We can stop it if we try!

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    The problem is that paedophiles are not stupid.
    The files that you encounter, for whatever reason, I don't want to get into this again, are only the visible tip of the iceberg. Paedohilia rings operate in very secure secrecy. It would be easy just to name the files in a file coding system that the majority of users would never stumble upon during a search.

    You can't get their ip and with klite you can't even view the files of the offending user. Reporting a username is useless as they can be changed on a whim and the same username can be used by anybody.

    Put simply, anything we could possibly do has been tried. The most we can hope for is for a paedophile to be exposed on a forum like this. That way, we have more of a chance to do something about it.

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    a/ This is the wrong Forum........its not a k-lite question. Moving to the lounge, as it will invarably turn into a flame thread.

    b/ There are threads about ChildPorn, and how to combat legally....

    c/ Encouraging anyone to break the law (ie asking for them to right a virus) is asking for trouble, please refrain.........

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    Originally posted by chalice@3 October 2003 - 14:04

    You can't get their ip and with klite
    no true, netstat?
    but your right nothing you can do
    did you see the post i made about the parents that sold their child for a tv
    people don't relize how big the "rings" really are

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    ok sorry I'm new in this posting thing

    even if its just the tip its a start you seem well educated the story I wrote was false it was ammed at getting a response but it back fired and I was labbled as a pedophile I just don't understand why something has not been done?

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    rat faced, any program that would do what i was talking about is vires, Right?


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