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Thread: No Files Working?

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    I currently have 22 torrents in cue. A few were working before my power went off, so I restarted, and none have started working back yet. Its online,ports open at the bottom, and most of the files had peers when I added them. A lot don't have any peers now, although they did before. The ones that have peers aren't working either. In the log file,it keeps coming up problem connecting to tracker. It says I'm online,so what could be wrong? No time remaining or down rates listed.
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    most of the time it is a just a case closing and reopening the program. You can also try changing your open port to another one.

    Finally if all else fails just remove the torrents and redownload them from the trackers to recheck

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    Tried restarting, didn't work, still says online,ports open too. What port number would I pick? In settings it has enable automatic port mapping and a four digit port. Can I just pick a random number between those two numbers, 1024- 65535? Should I have autodetect available bandwith checked or unchecked? Also, enable auto port mapping checked or unchecked? It was working before the computer rebooted, and I didn't, haven't changed anything, so why would I now? In log, it still keeps coming up,problem can't connect to tracker.
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    Ok well go to the torrent client's website and go to their forums or irc channel. They will be able to help you alot more then us.

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    It's not about ports or something. It's an error from the tracker. For it, you are still seeding/leeching because you disconnected "brutally". You can try to flush the ghost torrents if you can find the option in your tracker profile page, or you can just wait a few hours until this is done automatically.


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