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Thread: Slow Downloads

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    I am new here in this forum but have been using klite for a number of years and have been reading almost everything what has been posted here. I also have experienced very slow downloads (0.05 to 1.04kb) with an average of 25 download files, mostly movies, with the new versions of Klite and no matter what I tried to solve this (from all of your tips and postings) it did not solve the problem, so what did I do?.. I had removed all my downloads to another folder and completely removed Klite from my PC, then I downloaded one of the older versions prior to august 26 installed this and moved my downloads back and now I have decent download speeds again. average from 3.kb to 45.kb. By the way my provider is Fast Cable and my PC is an pent 4 - 3.0 gig with 1024 mem and a very large HD 240Gb...My believe is that with all the new SN additions, that somehow a bug is present in the new versions, maybe this is a tip for all of you that are struggeling with slow downloads and for the creators to look into.

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    This tips is found in the FAQ and this board
    how's ur download now?
    I've 2.4.3 and dl @ 1.5-2mb ul @ .5-1mb (becuase I optimized my pc hard/software before installing KL++)
    if you feel that there is a bug, then report it in the development section with supported documents/examples
    welcome aboard

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    B) Hey you are saying sumthing verry true had avarage speed of 100.00 kb/s on old version ,when I installed the new one it went down to avarage of 5.00-0.5 I'm gona reinstall the old one and try it!

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    remember its not the version but the files or the supernodes

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    There is no doubt that a good supernode is essential for download speeds and sources, however I have also found that downloads are more reliable with the older versions especially with large downloads.
    I find that the newer versions seem to assign smaller chunks for each source to supply and when they have downloaded it then tries to get the next small chunk from the same source which it often cannot get because there is obviously a queue and no free slot, older versions seem to allocate larger chunks per source and reduce this to the back of the queue problem.
    I'm probably totally wrong but that is what it looks like to me.

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    Ok here goes

    Downloading the same 700mb file

    K-lite 2.4.3 6 users downloading between 203kb and 4885kb chunks

    k-lite 1.7.2 6users downloading between 410kb and 109294kb chunks

    There definitely appears to be a difference how the download is handled between the two versions.

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    The largest chunk is now 420749kb with 1.7.2

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    I guess im just downloading from crap monkeys because that didnt help me at all... MABIE ILL RUN KAZAA TWICE MUHAHAHAHA

    Nvm u cant run kazaa and kazaa lite at the same time lol

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    Downloading the same 700mb file

    K-lite 2.4.3 6 users downloading between 203kb and 4885kb chunks

    k-lite 1.7.2 6users downloading between 410kb and 109294kb chunks
    Just reread my previous post, it is confusing, the download using k-lite 1.7.2 was after closing down 2.4.3 and starting 1.7.2

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