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Thread: becoming a sort of a reseller isnt more cheaper?

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    if a person get 1 or 2 more friendīs share the expenses isnt a better deal than buy it from any reseller?

    If he presents himself as a reseller and only buys 1 server to share with his friends but renews the account for several months will ovh stop selling directly to him if he dont buy more than 1 server ?
    Kimsufi 500G 30€
    are there any more cost associated ? to buy a 30€ kimsufi dedi server
    you pay exactly that?
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    Got nothing to do with reselling; you can, as a person, get a machine from OVH, install the proper software you need and share it with 1, 2 or maybe 900 friends if you want.

    And yes, as long as OVH gets paid, you can split the cost among your friends ofcourse.

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    so the same apply to kimsufi servers (Kimsufi 500G 30€)
    is this the final price you pay ? it seem way to cheap considering the prices the resellers ask for the slice of the servers
    are there any users here who bought a server from them for personal use ?

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    I have several regular OVH-machines and they serve me quite well; if you're splitting with 3 persons, I would rather recommend the Kimsufi 750G or the OVH SuperPlan Mini since they are much beefier on the CPU and RAM... This leaves plenty of RAM & CPU for each person; the Celeron you're looking at is, in my opinion, waaaay underpowered.

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    Of course it's cheaper to buy directly from source, but many people are forced to use resellers because of the country they live in.

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    Yep, and also, sometimes people buy from resellers to get additional support if theyre not so good with handling their server configs


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