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Thread: I have coded a website that searches Google + Twitter + WolframAlpha + etc. for you!

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    Not sure if this is where i'm supposed to post something like this but..

    I've just finished a site which allows you to search Google, Twitter, Wolfram Alpha, and all at once.

    Additionally the video search allows you to search and download from YouTube, Hulu, and Vimeo!

    The image search searches from Flickr and Google Images


    I thought it might be useful for many people, so enjoy! Tell me if you find any bugs too. Thanks

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    Your site is on Protowalls blocklist, I have to stop it to gain entry,
    But it works for me besides that,
    Heres what Protowall spits out so you can go and see them about removing your site,
    Packet to "Redirector for, scientology site..." ( ) blocked. [protocol: TCP - src: 2779 / dst: 80]
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    Comments seem checkered on the site as well, I would recommend waiting for more feedback first.


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