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Thread: 1 Gbit Unlimited Server

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    Server located in Eastern Europe but have perfect uplinks to Western Europe. Garanted speed is 1MB/s per one OVH leecher.

    Few users share real unmetered fullduplex 1 Gbit connection

    # Intel Xeon E5506 Processor
    # Dedicated 1GB of RAM for the cache (512 read / write 512)
    # Dedicated 1TB drive guaranteed used by you only
    # Dedicated IP address
    # Unlimited traffic
    # 1 Gbps connection both ways
    # Uplink provider Level 3
    # Approximate speed from 20MB/s
    # uTorrent + WebUI + FTP

    Price is 80/mon or can by shared between two users.
    Discounts for long term users.
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    How is the peering with Romania? If it's good, I would be very intersted in sharing such a slot with someone else.

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    If you are intrested, please PM me and I can organise trial for you. I am not sure about peering with Romania. But provider have very good uplinks to west europe.

    PM with trial setting sent to you.
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