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Thread: any XLned or BinTube customers out there?

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    I spotted this ad on this forum actually:

    and this one from surfing:

    anyone use them? are you happy with there service?

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    dutchmaster420's Avatar God's Son
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    Feb 2006
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    Bintube just resells astraweb...

    go with astraweb its best deal all around when you weigh everything in
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    I am using XLned. I am using the 500kb package since i dont need more speed and its much cheaper than other services at that speed.
    The good thing is that i am sharing the XLned connections with my brother. Retention isnt that good but sharing + low price is what i need atm.
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    SonsOfLiberty's Avatar The Lonely Wanderer
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    Yeup, Astraweb doesn't share, so if you need a share one go above....

    BinTube is the software they give, ain't it? If so , you can watch your TV shows, or movies as there downloading, the client is too bulky for my taste, it's like the Vuze of Usenet

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    brilman's Avatar Poster
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    agreed S.O.L going with bintube for a few months just to check them out (3 day now)
    There client is blotted but Way easy to use and the streamings nice. have to play around with it more imo newsleecher works great with all the sites that index now


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