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Thread: Banned at Pedro's, unsure why

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    Today I try and login to Pedro's like everyday and get this:


    Unauthorized IP address.
    [ Range ] : XX.XXX.XX.XXX - XX.XXX.XX.XXX
    [ Reason for banning ] : User rnranimal (XXXXX, XX.XXX.XX.XXX) banned by mclarenspy (blocking torrent updates to tracker after peerlist was retrieved).

    I don't even know what that means or how to do it. I can't access the forums or IRC, looks like I'm screwed. But if there's someone here from Pedro's that could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. I always kept a good ratio and followed the rules. Until now, I guess. I really don't know what I did, honestly. I did have trouble with my internet going in and out last night, but that's happened before so I don't imagine that was the issue . TIA

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    in your sWaRm

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    Thanks for the help, sez. I'll try that.


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