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Thread: Astraweb slow, anyone else?

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    My astraweb is topping out at about 1300KBps right now, averaging more like 1100KBps. Normally I get 3100KBps+, I don't pay for my usenet to be slower than torrents. Is anyone else here having a problem? I'm using all 10 connections and each is only pulling 110-140KBps, I ran a speedtest and the results came back as 26mbps so my connection is fine.

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    i never had a problem with astraweb already a year.max out my line 14Mbps with 6 conn.
    read the news page
    or open a ticket

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    I'm giving this news server a try. Do they only have around 38,000 groups?
    Last night mine was only downloading at 2.1MB (not bytes)
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    Quote Originally Posted by playerone View Post
    I'm giving this news server a try. Do they only have around 38,000 groups?
    Last night mine was only downloading at 2.1MB (not bytes)

    The 38,000 is more than enough...youll find all the binaries you need, and anything else...most of astrawebs 38,000 or giganews's 100,000+ are useless

    you were dling at 2.1MB...well what is your connection speed?
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    Have you tried upping the connections to see if that would make a difference? On a monthly plan you are allowed 20. Also try running a reverse traceroute from here:

    If you are seeing big spikes in the latency you can ask to be switched to another route. When I first signed up I was going through Limelight ( but got horrible speeds. I opened a ticket and asked to get moved to Level3 instead and the speeds have been great ever since.

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    Or, have you tried decreasing the connections. Use the minimum connections to max your line for best efficiency.

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    It did take a bit of a dive 2-3 days ago; I can usually fully saturate my d/l connection (sits right at 100% full, no dips or sags) with 3 connections. Now I have to ramp it up to 6 connections and it's around 98%.

    When I first noticed it, I immediately ran a tracert from myself to their server plant, and the route wasn't taking any weird extra hops or delays that I could see.

    What I did do is suck off the Amsterdam/EU site instead. Tracert to that server is the same amount of hops, as there is a 'virtual circuit' from A large city next to me over Global Crossing that goes straight to Amsterdam, so the number of hops (and the delay) is just as 'close' to me as is Astrawebs main plant in San Jose.

    But something did occur, probably at the 'front end' of the San Jose serve plant.

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    1300KBps?!?!? I wish I had your problems :-P

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    HI mate I also was only getting 1.3mbps on a 20mb line. Max connections was set to 4 so I changed it to 20 and up to 2.3mbps now. I'm using newsbin pro

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    Remember this, if you conected via a "router" and your client gets excessive low speeds, do this, unplug router + modem for abut 5 minutes or less and re-connect them, re-connect via computer and re start client, you should see your full speed back. But also your connections plays into this greatly, you honestly can't have 20 connections and expect to "get full speed".

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