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Thread: Guyver The Dark Hero...

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    I really want to d/l this movie so bad but i cant connect to the user that has it... Does anyone else have the movie or know what i should do to connect to the user that has it?

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    Are you sure theres only one other user with it, try leaving auto search more on for a couple of hours and see if it returns some more results. If it really is that rare you may have to look to another p2p app to get it. If you find more sources your download speed will pick up / you will eventually connect with them

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    facking good film that, only seen it twice though, EVER

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    i got it off emule... its not that great film...actings kinda shoddy, but its a pretty decent convert to film.

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    I like the first movie and the second movie not for the acting but for the action sequences of the movies. Awesome

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    ok, i've decided that i'm gonna buy the movie in dvd instead of d/ling it. does anyone know what store may have Guyver The Dark Hero? I've already checked best buy, they only have the anime kind...

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    check your local video library and ask if they will sell you a copy. or check stores like BIG W, and k mart. and if they dont have it try order it from an online dvd store.

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    Its good old movie


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