We're again looking to hire someone, this time just for a while.

We need someone to write around 20 tutorials, to help with all our products.

We learned a bit from the last job offer we posted so here's some details to save everyone time:

- You must write English perfectly. No grammar errors, no spelling errors, etc.
- You must be reasonable skilled with torrents, it's fine if you don't know how to do certain things because you can research before writing, but no asking basic stuff.
- Part of the payment will be in product, i.e. if you have to write a tutorial about using a dedicated server then you will get one for free.
- You must be 18 years old and have a paypal or moneybookers account.
- When applying, please submit links to your blog (if you have one), forum posts, and anything else that can help check your style.
- If are able to produce small video clips to show things more clearly, extra points. If you can please send link to at least one video (any topic). Voice here is important, of course.
- We expect tutorials to be of very high quality - they will be carefully revised.

Please email us to support@xirvik.com with the subject: FST: Tutorials