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Thread: Game Resurrect

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    Jun 2003
    Ok, my game thrasher, the old ps1 game wont play past the 5 level. The only reason i am playing a ps1 game is becuase its one of the best skateboarding games. See i heard teh toothpaste theory, but i dont trust it. ANy one got anyother theorys?

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    Don't do the toothpaste theory!! I've heard it too, but it really suckes. My suggestion is to go out and buy a cd cleaner from walmart, or something.
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    Be really careful with the CD cleaner too, if you do choose that option.

    The CD cleaners are okay for audio CDs but proceed with caution with any other type. I've had data CDs become unreadable after cleaning them.

    I recommend that you take your PS1 CD to your local game retailer and get them to clean it for you.
    It costs very little and if they stuff it up, then they'll replace it... if they have any scruples.


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