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Thread: ISP Friendly BitTorrent Tracker Doubles Download Speeds

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    ISP Friendly BitTorrent Tracker Doubles Download Speeds

    A new Open Source BitTorrent tracker set to be released in September promises to boost download speeds by up to 150% and decrease the load BitTorrent users put on ISP networks by 20 to 50 percent. Based on the widely used OpenTracker software, the new BitTorrent tracker aims to overcome many of BitTorrent’s current limitations.
    Since it was first released by Bram Cohen back in 2001, very few changes have been made to the way BitTorrent works. It was a revolutionary invention and to date it is by far the most effective way to transfer large files online. However, BitTorrent does have its limitations.

    On the one hand users sometimes complain about slow download speeds, but most of all, Internet providers are not always happy with the heavy load BitTorrent transfers put on their networks.

    The Swedish based company Peerialism hopes to tackle these problems and make BitTorrent future proof. Aside from their issues with GGF, they are currently working on the release of a new Open Source BitTorrent tracker based on the OpenTracker software currently in use at most of the larger public BitTorrent trackers.

    Andreas Dahlström, the CTO and founder of the company explained to TorrentFreak that the key to solving BitTorrent’s main problems is to make the tracker location aware, so that peers first try to share files with other peers that are closer to them.

    “In standard BitTorrent the tracker chooses a totally random number of peers for you. There are some good reasons for this since random actually gives some nice and robust network properties but in many cases this will force you to download for peers far away from you,” Dahlström said.

    "This has two effects: slower download speed and unnecessary network traffic for the ISPs. And since BitTorrent traffic causes so much problems for ISPs many use traffic shaping, causing even slower download speeds,” he explained.

    The solution to this problem according to Dahlström is to make the tracker select peers more intelligently, based on their geographical location. The initial tests of this new methodology are very promising, as they result in faster download speeds for BitTorrent users, and less traffic going outside the ISPs network.

    “We have built p2p algorithms which actually map the entire Internet. We can use this to let a BitTorrent Tracker assign you to the peers closest to you. The effect for the downloader is 30-150% faster downloads and 20-50% less traffic for the ISPs

    More at source:

    Source: BitTorent

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    Good for Scandinavian countries, bad for "3rd world" places with slower speeds? Just curious, but sounds right from the article.

    Please let me know if that speculation is incorrect.

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    How could this help double download speeds if you're already downloading at the full speed your isp allows? Most private sites these days easily max out the average home users speed.

    Although less load on ISP's could be plausibe (psh, who cares about them?)


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