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Thread: Riia Begin To Lose

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    Senator Questions RIAA Fines

    The Associated Press is reporting today about how one Senator is calling for an end to the excessive fines being levied against music lovers and consumers.

    Just looking at the possibility of having to shell out $150,000 per copyrighted song is enough to scare any logical person into submission; which is exactly what the RIAA wants.

    No counter suits, no fighting back, just pay your fine and be the example the RIAA wants you to be.

    And the examples so far have been as young as a 12 year old girl; conversely, aging seniors have also been targets.

    Anyone with half a heart realizes these Gestapo tactics, which future generations will look back and shake their heads, are unfathomably wrong. We won't get into the entire online music issue, but if you follow Bruce Stringsteen, he recently stated he made more money from his recent Meadowlands tour then his entire record sales combined.

    That being said, Senator Norm Coleman, highly skeptical of the RIAA's offensive, has offered some hope to the online community.

    "I can tell you that $150,000 per song is not reasonable, and that's technically what you can put in front of somebody," Coleman said in a conference call with reporters. "That forces people to settle when they may want to fight, but they're thinking, 'Goodness, gracious, what am I going to face?' "

    In addition, Senator Coleman stated he would push for legislation limiting the RIAA's subpoena power and to reduce legal penalties for alleged infringes.

    While these words are refreshing, it remains to be seen what one mans opinion will bring about on Capitol Hill. We remain hopeful.


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