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Thread: Supernatural Season 4 DVD Rips

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    I don't know where else to post this question.

    Been watching my copies of Supernatural Season 1-3 DVD Rips....

    I really want to get my hands on Season 4. I could get the TV rips but all the channel logos and ads drive me crazy.

    I was wondering if anyone new when the DVD Rips were going to be Released by a scene group? I've check and but have no luck finding any info...

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    Ads o.0 Where do you download your tv rips from if you get ads o.0

    Just checked, season 4 dvd comes out tomorrow. So check general trackers, and you should see it soon.

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    by ads i mean the the stuff that bounces around on the bottom of the screen not commercials

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    A big reason I ask is because Heroes season 3, Smallville Season 8 Supernatural season 4 come out on DVD September 1st and the DVD rips for Heroes and Smallville Have been available For about 2 weeks now.

    I know in the world of file sharing it come out when it comes out I just think it's a bummer that the DVD Rips for Supernaural aren't out yet....
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    I guess it really just depends on whether people in the scene have connections to the company. Sure, a pre-production xmen movie was released weeks before it came out, that doesn't mean every movie will have one of those. I personally don't find the logos that annoying though (and they're small).

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    supernatural season 4 dvd-r was recently posted in tv nzb section
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    I have checked BMTV and they have had the bluray rips of the season for a while now.

    Although it is surprising to see usenet out with the dvd-r, I haven't seen it on any 0day sites. Maybe I really should make the transition to usenet...

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    I have my fingers crossed that they'll be out in time to watch them before the new season starts.....


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