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Thread: Best solutionfor Online media Storage

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    I am looking for the best way (Fastest and most $ friendly way) to store all my Media files online.

    I saw a lot of company like mozy, elephantdrive etc.. Not sure if they are ideal for that. They seem to only use Their backup function to upload the content, which takes forever to do.

    My idea was to get a Window 2003 Seedbox with a very fast Download/Upload throughput like 100Mbit/s or 1GBit/s for around $100 for the month.
    Do all the media downloads from Rapidshare/Megaupload to this box at max speed, Organize the data properly in fodler etc..

    Then Through Ftp, upload all this content to one of The Unlimited Online media storage out there.

    My goal being to : (1) have a place to store all my Data (encrypted) ,(2) being able to access them anywhere so I don't have to keep buying external HDs and carry them around. (3) Idealy Accessing them through Ftp from my Multimedia jukebox's Ftp function. So I can watch it directly. If the connection is good enough. If not at least I can get to them fast.

    Any Idea, suggestions, Experience Would be helpful. ;-)

    Thank you

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    The best solution I've found out there is the unRAID box.

    I've looked at just about everything, from Raid capable sata motherboards, to 'stand alone' network servers such as the Netgear, Lacie, Drobo, Synology, and the like. None has the expandability (add drives as you want, of any type and size), upwards of 16+ drives in a single enclosure.

    A lot might depend on what you're using as a 'front end' on your system(s). A media PC, PCH (Popcorn Hour) box, or on of the other multimedia players out there...?

    I don't have any 'hands on' experience yet, my first box is being built right now. But the pricing is about the same as, say, either the Netgear Readynas or Synology boxes, But like I said, far more expandable and you don't have to buy all (or most) of your drives 'up front' like in standard RAID array's. Simply add as you go.

    Take a look at the forums on lime/unraid, there is a wealth of info there.


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