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Thread: My Aquamark Score

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    Here are the results...

    Edit: please post yours...

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    mine is pretty low compared to yours... :'(

    you do have a better cpu, gpu, and ram though
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    I should have mentioned that my card was overclocked too.

    The 9500 card that I have has very minimal artifacting at that clock rate. I am pretty sure that one, at most, of the four pixel pipelines that I enabled (thanks to the integrated 9700 drivers mod that is included in the Omega set) is faulty, because the artifacting is so minimal. I noticed that overclocking above 285 MHz on memory and 320 on the core produces much more artifacting.

    Also I forgot to mention that I set the refresh rate to 75 Hz while benchmarking.

    I also highly recommend Omega&#39;s catalyst set. Or at least the freeware app called r-tool that is included, which allows you to easily (without restart) to adjust the settings of your card.

    Above is a link to a non overclocked score of my card. You can see that there is quite an increased score due to the O&#39;C.

    Anyways, 3rd gen noon, thanks for posting your scores. Hopefully some others will post theirs. I am particularly interested in Wolfmight&#39;s (thy master warrior) score, as he purchased the 9500 Pro card and paid 60 dollars more than I did; so I am curious to see if my non pro mod was a good move or not.

    See you around bud.

    Your friend B)

    Edit: and also I am curious to see the score of all other Radeon and Nvidia cards, to see how they stack up.

    Edit: also, is your card the 9600 or 9600 pro

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    i&#39;m gonna get a friend of mine to do the test as well...he&#39;s just got an athlon 2800 (overclocked to 2.25GHz, 400MHz fsb), 128MB Radeon 9800 pro, 120 gig s-ata drive, 1GB ram;s be interesting to see his score
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    I got an Athlon Xp 1800 (1.5ghz), but my card is a Radeon 9500 Pro 8 pixel pipeline. 8x agp, 256mb ddr ram.
    I need to upgrade my cpu, cause i recently upgraded my mobo to a very new Gigabyte model supporting up to the highest Amd althon cpu.

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    Originally posted by adamp2p@11 October 2003 - 23:56
    wolfmight, here is my overclocked score
    wow major different in score.
    What did u overclock? how much?
    hmm looks like u upped the CoreClock from 277mhz to 360mhz. No smoke? Damn that really improved your score by like 7000 points.
    Do u leave your computer on constantly? Card still workin ok?
    I actually have a Radeon 9500 Pro.. might burn up if i try? heh uses more power than the 9500.

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    Hey wolfmight, its good to see you around, dude.

    Nope, there was definatlely no smoke anywhere, actually it was very stable.
    I was suprised when I learned how much the various settings in Rage3dTweak advanced tweaker mode can alter performance and image quality, especially when overclocking.
    One thing is for sure, the Omega driver set is much more overclocker friendly (no artifacting at all at 360 MHz core and 279 memory).

    I experimented with all of the different clocks, and found that the core can handle much more than the memory. The core of your card--9500 pro--can definately handle a core of 330 MHz with no problem at all. That is one thing I am totally sure of. I am pretty sure that your memory is the same, yours might actually be better. I am also totally sure that your memory can handle the memory speeed of 279 with no problem. Before I tried overclocking the 9500 I read about it at Rage3d forums and other various forums, and that is what they advised me was for sure "safe."

    I was playing midnight club 2 at 1024X768 for at least one hour with no problems at all. No artifacting either. I was stunned. Before installing the newest Omega catalyst driver set, 3.8 (my personal favorite because of the integrated soft-mod to pro and excellent handling).

    I am really curious as to what your scores would be at those clocks I mentioned.

    The heatsink that came with my Sappiretech 9500 non pro keeps very cool, and if you have cooling problems already with your system, then I do not suggest going beyond the formentioned speeds (you like that word, eh?) without a little caution.

    I personally am sure I could take the clock beyond #60 on the core, but hey, I am actually more than satisfied with the performance of my card at this point.

    So please bring the clock up on yours, dude, bench it up, and post your score&#33;

    Oh, edit, I forgot to mention that after a good hour or two of overclocking I restore the default clock. And I always turn my computer off at night. I figure I ought to give it a break.

    I wish I had more time to play around tonight, but I am doing some crazy ass math...

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    Score without overclocking (havnt started yet)
    Yea, it&#39;s lower than yours cause of my cpu speed. (actually i was ripped off cause i thought i purchased a athlon xp 2400 (2.0ghz).. bastard retailers on links)
    Your GFX is slightly higher because your CPU is twice as fast and there&#39;s no software thats 100% accurate.. so of course it&#39;s gonna slip like that.
    I have a feeling the score will go over 30,000 after an overclock of.. 345mhz core.. or so?
    btw i dont use the omega drivers... do they increase the performance?

    i just thought.. lol when i overclock.. my gfx score will be "higher" than my cpu score... that&#39;ll be nutts lol.

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    Yes, the Omega drivers help performance, but only if you plan on overclocking.
    Oh, wait, and do you have Rage3d tweak, if not, it is the best overclocker there is for ATI and a great tweaker mode.

    Read this article if you got a minute

    and definately run driver cleaner before installing new drivers&#33;&#33;&#33;

    Another factor in your score may be your system memory. Going to bed now. Tommorrow I have so much calculus&#33;

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