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Thread: Changing Ports Improve Or Worsen Download Settings

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    I have re-installed Kazaa Lite v 2.4.2 a couple of times and what i noticed was that each time i reopened Kazaalite, my settings under incoming ports, always had a different 4-digit port number. I noticed this had an effect with my download speeds. I tried changing the port settings back to what it once was and my download speeds climbed higher. My point is, what is really the best port setting to use to increase your speed. 1624 is my port setting, and if I change it to something over 3000, my download speeds degrade to as much as 10kb/s, but when I change it to 2000, my download speeds increase by 2 kb/s. So can anybody tell me what is going on, and how I can find the best port settings to use?

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    Your computer chip has 64,000 ports.

    You've a way to go yet.

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    Not much difference unless a port is plugged or has heavy traffic at your ISP, the rest is just most likely you staring at your screen to long. Changing constantly may cause those dl from you not to be able to find you any longer. Pick one and leave it alone, above 5000 if you wish or whatever.


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