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Thread: Final Fantasy Vii: Advent Children

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    Square has a CG movie based on the characters from Final Fantasy VII, coming out in 2004 in Japan. Looks really cool. I hope it comes out in USA, or at least shows up on k-Lite!

    Check it out:

    There's a torrent I found at that links to a little preview. If I can't post the link to phuckign, will someone please tell me?

    Do a Google on Advent Children and more information pops up!

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    da moon
    this is in japanese and not in english right ?
    will it have english subtitles if its in japanese ? or will we have to wait for someone to sub it?

    also, whats with taht guys big sword, it wont even cut threw butter.

    are you sure these are not screenshots from the game?


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