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Thread: Bittorent Not Connecting

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    hi all
    im 56% through bf1942 (the 2 disc and crack version off supernova)and it just stopped mid d\l and ive tried other torrents avi's and games and music both old files and newer ones and nothing is connecting
    the thing is it had 63 peers and 13 seeds i watched as the peers went from 63 to 21 not slowly but straight away then that dropped to 2 then it just stopped dead and said problem connecting to tracker urlopen error (10061 connection refused)

    anyone else having problems


    *edit : thought id say ive downloaded about 6 things with no problems in the past week it just started last night so i left it like peeps have said and looked this morning and it aint shifted at all

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    tracker is acting up, I just tried to get something and 2 different torrents are 10061
    so just wait it out


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