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Thread: Converting Avi To Svcd

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    i play movies on my dvd player but i have to encode avi's to svcd format to play them obviously, but it takes sooooo long though and im just hopin there is a quicker way!!!

    mayb converting an avi file into a .bin file and image file would make it faster, but how do u do this???

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    1. get nero
    2. open nero
    3. from the menu list select SuperVideoCD, click New
    4. once the windows load, locate your directory with the AVI files drag it across to the SVCD window.
    5. and burn away. (this process will still take a long time)

    other ideas:

    buy a divx compatible dvd player
    get a faster computer

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    only use nero for burning the final product
    Don't let it do the encoding, it does a bad job at it
    use cce or tmpgenc to encode it to mpeg2(svcd) check my sig for links for tmpgenc, best over all encoder, it does everthing
    remember to check for bad frams before you encode it


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