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Thread: Anyone Else see the Little Known, But really good "Green Street Hooligans" Movie?

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    I never heard of this movie before my brother recommended it. I don't think it ever saw a theatre screen. Probably went straight to DVD. Anyway, it has Elija Wood (frodo from Lord of the Rings fame) who plays a timid American traveling to England to see his sister. He befriends the leader of what is called a 'Firm', which is basically a gang. Each soccer team in England has at least 1 of them that try to out do in many ways, including fighting, the other firms. Great movie that know one has seen or heard of!

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    In the US it never got a studio attached to it so although it wasn't DTV it barely saw the light of day. It's fairly well known at least in the bt world though.

    There's a sequel if your interested with some of the original cast but obviously not Woods.H

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    Yes, I've seen the sequel and liked it.....just not as much as the original. Something about that 'Pete' character played by little known, but great actor Charlie Hunnam. He has recently starred in the new TV series 'Sons of Anarchy'. Can't get the 1st Green Street Hooligans movie out of my head. Very good!

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    Seen it,hate it.
    l live near Green St.

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    OK, maybe you didn't like a really good movie....what in the world does the fact that you live near green street have to do with the price of tea in China?

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    good movie. liked it


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