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Thread: Problem with kimsufi server!

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    I have a problem with the kimsufi server. I can't download. I add a torrent and it's stay green and do nothing. What Can i do?
    I press update ttracker force start but nothing.
    Please help me.
    It's a shared seeebox and the other torrents are workinh the owner torrents.
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    Just one question :
    Why isn't it green ?
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    yes the torrent it's grren and it's doing nothing! If i can download torrent i say tho the owner of the seedbox that i don't need it anyomre.
    Please help me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny10 View Post
    yes the torrent it's grren
    No it is NOT green and that might be the problem

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    First of all, i can see that you're not connectable. If 2 users aren't connectable, and one of them tries to download from the other, he won't be able to do it. Still, I don't really think that there would be 15 unconnectable seeders.
    As far as i know, didn't accept uTorrent 1.8.3. At least, it didn't work for me. Try using a different client.
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    I have exactly the same problem.
    In utorrent the little icon on the bottom is green and it says my network is working as it should. The tracker status is "working", but I can't connect to peers. For example I transfered 0 B in more than 12 hours at a torrent that, when added, had 25 seeds and 28 leechers.

    Later: it's something about the number of connections because the torrent started after I eliminated some other torrents.

    Even later: increase net.maxhalfopen in preferences->advanced. Make it 50 or something.
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