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Thread: Copyright

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    I would love it if RIAA pulls someone in to court and try's to sue the person and loses... If I went to court, I would stand up and say:

    Why can you go into other countries and buy $5 cd's that have office xp and windows xp on it or buy a dvd and same for music cd's for the same price and bring it back through the customs and these people are not conferscating these materials.

    Why is cnet ( and ZdNet advertising these downloads. RIAA should bust these quys before pulling 12 year old kids to court... don't they have something else to do!!!!

    I Guarantee that shops that sells second hand cd's are copying cd's and printing labels (you can't tell the difference cos printing quality is excellent).... again bust these guys before busting kids...

    I can think of so many things because I did quite a bit of copyright stuff and some of these are FALSE!!!! e.g can give but can't charge (make money) I sold a pc one time and I rang up Microsoft about giving my license away and their response was "you can't resell microsoft as a single unit but you can give the ORIGINAL CD to the person that buys the pc"

    Laws are different in each state and country but P2P will not stop. RIAA needs to get with the technology!!! What will happen if a international law came in??? what will happen to all those people who made and brought mp3 players. Again RIAA stop the suppliers from destributing them if you want the law come to life!

    amazing isn't it?

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    Originally posted by mp3geek@4 October 2003 - 16:41
    amazing isn't it?
    a singing dog is amazing, this is just babble
    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>BLAH</span>

    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Wayne Rooney - A thug and a thief</span>

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    Originally posted by 3rd gen noob+4 October 2003 - 16:44--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (3rd gen noob @ 4 October 2003 - 16:44)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-mp3geek@4 October 2003 - 16:41
    amazing isn&#39;t it?
    a singing dog is amazing, this is just babble [/b][/quote]
    LOL &#33;&#33; I like the idea of a singing dog&#33;&#33;

    It&#39;s true what he says though, RIAA need to get with technology &#33;&#33;

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    I believe Tech TV is gonna have a live forum in wich all the major players are gonna argue about thing. suprise suprise the RIAA has not responded.... yet

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    At least it&#39;s the truth&#33;&#33;&#33; I like to see you go to court 3rd gen noob and win... What would you argue about???

    Don&#39;t steal my ideas... I went to a intel conference the other day and the speaker said" everything from watching TV, Playing music etc... will oneday become avalible through your pc"

    Some ISP servers share music today.

    What i&#39;m saying is the RIAA needs to accept the technolgy change today and stop trying to interfere in with todays technology&#33;&#33;&#33;


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