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Thread: Setting A Deafault Partiton

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    I have :
    IBM Hardisk(60gb)7200rpm,
    Msi K7n420 Pro Motherboard,
    256mb ram

    And i partiton my hardisk into two partitons :
    1X 56gb (F
    and 1x 4gb (C

    Then i install windows xp pro onto the 4gb partiton
    But i want to be able to went i use a setup wizard for my computer to automaticly pick up the fact that the default directory for installing should be
    F:\Program Files\the program

    how can i achieve this?
    Many thanks

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    I would advise you against changing the default program folder, better just choose where you want it installed, when you install it..

    If you want to try it, use tweakxp; just don't say i didn't warn you.

    ps. you might get somebody1234 coming in telling you this should be in software world. Don't worry about it mate- understandable mistake to make.

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    I'd recommend that you make your c drive bigger and put all the program files on that drive, you'd have to reinstall the programs anyway if you formatted your c: drive and if anything gets on your computer that requires a format, then its more likely to be gone with the format. I split my drives with data on one and all programs and OS on the other. i'm using about 10gigs for my C drive

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    you can use TweakUI to do that.
    It's from Microsoft, you can download it at their site.

    run it, then you go to My Computer > Special Folders > select an operation, choose Location.

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