What have you guys thought about the more recent office seasons (4, especially 5). It seems to me like 4, and 5 have just been a downward spiral thats been getting worse and worse. Season 5, particularly during the last half of the season, I'd watch like 3-4 episodes without laughing a single time.

Dont get me wrong, it (was) a great show. The first 3 seasons were fricking amazing, but I feel like the show has changed so much, for the worse. It has gone down the toilet after season 3. Most notably are some of the funniest points of office have been completely ditched: I haven't seen a good Jim vs. Dwight prank in ages, Dwight seems to have mysteriously lost his undying loyalty to Michael, among other things. The new characters are retarded and bland, especially the new secretary near the end, and the Michael Scott paper company seems idiotic and contrived.

Anyone else feel like office is terrible now