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Thread: Kazaa Screensaver

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    Big screen saver is 100% useful screen saver for your KAZAA experience.
    Install the program and that is all: every time the screen saver runs, it will automatically launch your KAZAA (or any other application) in the background so you will never forget to download you favourites files again !Big Screen Saver displays a analogic /digital watch that hides your favourite Kazaa application.Big Screen saver will stop the downloading and close Kazaa automatically when the screen saver terminates.

    Price: USD $9.95 Screenshot

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    thats funy as shoot sh, it will start kazaa for you every time it starts lol

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    heh now thats something nice, but does kazaa exit fast enough?

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    it doesnt work and its in sum other language

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    Originally posted by ultimatejester@4 October 2003 - 14:13
    it doesnt work and its in sum other language
    Thanks well..........

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    Now to get a lite one.

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    It didn't seem to work for me, even though I followed all the instructions:

    --  To configure your SCREEN SAVER:    --
    --  Go to Screen properties->Screen Saver->Configuration --

    The Big Screen Saver has been setup.
    It will launch Kazaa© automatically every time the screen saver starts and will stop it when the screen saver halts.

    You can configure your BITMAP background watch.
    Go to Screen properties->Screen Saver->Configuration

    You can also start another program than Kazaa: just choose another program to be launched from the screen saver configuration.

    ęKazaa is a software by  Sharman Networks 2002-2003 - All Rights Reserved


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