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Thread: Astraweb vs Giganews

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    What is the best in download speed?
    Any compare?

    Thanks :-)

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    In the US, 25mbit and 50mbit, no difference, maxed speeds.

    In Australia, 20mbit, no difference, ping was quite better to Astraweb.

    In Sweden, 100mbit, no difference, maxed connection, pretty much, don't remember ping.

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    topicaltapioca very nice info thumbsup

    Thank you very much

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    I was with Giganews for quite awhile, but switching from one to the other wasn't a big deal for me at all, other than the extra stacks of cash I've saved.

    I jumped on the 96 usd/year deal with Astraweb when they had that, am very happy with myself for doing it.

    Actually, I was hoping Astraweb's prices would go up, what they offer for the price they give it at, is, amazing. I'd mostly want it to go up to make sure they're able to keep growing and getting better, since I'm already locked in at 96/yr. ;-)

    One of the ISPs here in Australia offers both Giganews AND Astraweb for free, which is most certainly badass. (Internode)

    Anywho, with Giganews, I did like having the panel with information like, if I was logged in, but it really doesn't do much of anything special.

    I'd go with Astraweb, and spend your easy saved money on a block account with someone else as a fill-in if you really have a problem.

    Astraweb does say you can cancel your account within 24hrs of getting it.

    Spending 96 or 132 (11/month) a year seems much better than spending 305 (first 3 months 50%) or 360 every year after for basically the same thing.
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    Astraweb rules, Giganews drools.... hehe
    Pimpn aint easy

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    astra is great if you get the 11$ special.

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    Astraweb is pretty good, some times they have hiccups but what can you expect for such an amazing deal. I'm able to hit about 10,000KBps downloading from them which is pretty damn good(my connections max is about 12,000KBps or 94mbps)

    edit: speeds are US to US on the SSL server.
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    Giganews is preparing to launch a west coast server location to better compete with Astraweb, Q1 2010. Giganews already has a Hong Kong server location. Currently most Australian Giganews customers are served by their USA east coast server location.
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    Maxed speeds either way, where ever I was, with both, so it came down to price really.

    With all the saved money over the course of a year I could buy 10, 200GB block accounts and a happy meal.

    Noone has been a perfect company, but recently Astraweb hasn't screwed up for me at all, and I resent that Giganews wants to charge 5 dollars for SSL and the fact they are trying to make 50 connections a selling point to grab the noobs, I'm sure we all understand that.

    I would suggest trying Giganews out for 3 months on special, if you really felt like taking a part of it, at 15, it is certainly okay.

    Giganews is the known as the best, but the difference between the first and fifth best providers right now is like the difference between infinite and infinite + 1.

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    I've used both and had no problems with either. I can max out my connection from both company's US server or their EU server. 35MBps+

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