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Thread: What is The best Newsreader ?

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    What is The best Newsreader ?


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    Newsreader, as in text reading or pulling down binaries?

    For binary, I highly suggest SABnzbd+ ( )

    Using SABnzbd+, the NZBstatus plugin (off sourceforge) with FireFox, and Newzbin, even though they currently only keep 240 days retention, the number of reports is marginally higher than other folks.

    Much cleaner too, it's heaps awesome.

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    topicaltapioca you are very Expert in here

    so what is best between newsbin pro and newsleecher

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    I'm not so much an expert as I am one of the few who are awake. ;-)

    I posted a quick how-to on SABnzbd+ / Firefox / nzbdStatus / Newzbin here.

    Very simple and to the point.

    Newzbin is a paid for service, but if you haven't tried it out, I'd highly suggest it.

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    newsbin pro or nesleecher is good for download movie :-D

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    I prefer Grabit, thats the first client i used and i've stuck with it

    It downloads and unrars so it does the job

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    This is like asking which is better: Ford or Chevy.

    Everyone has their opinions.

    At this point, all of the popular 3 clients (NB, Alt.Binz, Newsleecher) are going to do pretty much the same thing; it just depends on which UI you prefer. Grabit however does not have any RSS abilities built in.

    The FST group

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    used Newsleecher for a couple of years, but it became too buggy

    didn't like Grabit at all

    Newsbin Pro all the way for me now (bit pricey at 35, but worth it in the long run) - and support is very good for it

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    I'd give them all a trial, but try SABnzbd+ too, it's a good learning experience anyway.

    I'd also highly suggest learning python though, it's fun, I promise.

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    thank you very much for all comments

    now i'm using Newsbin Pro 5.53 it easy one but can't use newsleecher it hard for me to use it.

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