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Thread: Does anyone know what's happened to the BitSeduce site ?

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    Does anyone know if anything has happened to the BitSeduce site
    (it hosts torrents related to seduction and self improvement), as I tried logging in yesterday and it
    won't recognize my password and says my EMail address isn't in their database. I've been a member
    for about 18 months. I sent a EMail to them to ask what happened, but haven't got a reply yet.

    I didn't go on any mad downloading spree and have only taken the odd Ebook from there in the last 6
    months, plus I've contributed a couple hundred bucks to the site to have a high ratio and I had about
    40 gig owing to me. I'm wondering if someone may have hacked my account. If the site is working ok
    and is still around, as it's closed off registrations, if anyone has an invite, I'd be very grateful.
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    Someone Seduced It, and they eloped

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    it decided that seduction was not working and moved on to date rape.

    the site should be back in 10-15 years

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    maybe he died?


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