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Thread: New ERA giveaway (!)

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    Here is my new era GiveAway

    1/1 x IPT

    2/2 x s*L
    1/1 x TL
    1/1 x
    3/3 x pussytorrents
    2/2 x tti


    3 Ratio Proofs from private trackers with my nick in the search tab!

    (when I decide the winners,I will ask for direct profile links!)

    1 speedtest from Today

    No Traders , No Cheaters , No scammers

    No Pm`s

    PLEASE follow the rules!

    (If the GA is fast and attract good users I might add some more invites)

    Good Luck ALL
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    hey man i have my ipt proof and my utorrent stats i really hope thats enough ive only been in the game for a little bit but i assure ill be a good seeder i would love in invite to tl pleaseeee!!!!

    please please please consider me for the tl invite!!! thanks mate
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  3. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #3
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    more ppl to aply ?


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