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Thread: Sb Audigy 2 Install Cd Iso

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    Hey, I lost my Install CD to my Audigy2, and when I reinstalled Windows, it deleted it, and I was too stupid to back it up. So if someone has an ISO or something to remedy my situation, email it to me or give me a link or somethin. Please! Thanks

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    You don't really need it. Just go get the drivers and stuff from Usually those install cds that come with sound cards and video cards are crap and come with a ton of bullshit that just get annoying...

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    Xilo is right. You can download all the stuff from the cd at
    I've got the cd, and I could clone it, but it's prolly too big for me to get to you.
    My upload bandwidth sucks.

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    I tryed downloading the updated drivers off Creative, but it says I need the original Audigy 2 WDM drivers. is there somewhere I can get the original drivers

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    just try contacting creative and ask if they could send you another disc, or if they have a download for the drivers


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