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Thread: Could movie and music prices be destroying the economy also?

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    I was just reading about Brad and Angelinas new dream home. 58 million dollars. It takes most of us 30 years to pay off a simple home. I do have to give them some credit for trying to help the poor but they are a rarity.
    I'm thinking about how much people can spend on one movie. Some people take their family to the theater and spend 50 bucks. Then they have bought the dvd, and then again upgraded to bluray. I can't believe there are people out there that would give close to 100$ for a single movie. I know not everyone is doing this but I'm just using it as a example on how over charged we are.

    I think it could be partially whats wrong with the economy. Everyone is buying this virtual content and its not going back into the economy to support real working people. In my opinion movies should be public domain after the theater. Most people don't get paid after they clock out for the day so why should a virtual item keep generating revenue? We need some kind of boycott on a world scale. Even the people that can't pirate should just rent the stuff instead of buying. I had to vent and couldn't find anywhere else on the internet to post my rant .

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    Without movies we have no workers manufacturing them, no blue ray or other types of players, less TVs, etc. It wouldn't exactly help the economy.

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    I remember reading an interview with James Cameron a few years ago and he was saying how movie goers weren't shouldering enough of the expense and how ticket prices should be $20 dollars or more.
    This coming from one of the wealthiest people in Hollywood.
    With such a skewed sense of reality ( I guess that helps if you make movies) coming from the film industry how much chance do you think what you are postulating will ever come to be.

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    Even if movies themselves were public domain we would still need a way to play them and discs to burn them to so hardware would still sell. I've always been a person that tries to follow the rules but they make it extremely difficult to do so. Online rental shops are the cheapest legal way but I don't think I could go back to movies in the mailbox vs movies directly to my tv.
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    Why don't they drop how much they pay these movie stars ?
    There is no way anyone is worth millions just for a few months work on a movie.
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    The future evolution of Hollywood will be determined by the balance of two sets of forces. On the one hand, there is a considerable stimulus still working through from the easing in monetary and fiscal policy and the past depreciation of the economy. On the other hand, the need for banks to continue repairing their balance sheets is likely to restrict the availability of credit, and past falls in asset prices and high levels of debt may weigh on spending. While some recovery in output growth is in prospect, the margin of spare capacity in the economy is likely to continue to grow for some while yet, bearing down on inflation in the medium term. But the recession and the restricted availability of credit are also likely to impact adversely on the supply capacity of the economy, moderating the increase in economic slack.
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