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Thread: What Do The Letters .iso Mean?

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    I know that a .iso file is a CD-ROM image file. But what exactly do the letters I-S-O mean? I'm don't understand why it's named .iso and what significance it has. I searched on Google, but I couldn't find out anywhere. I need to know for my computing course. Thanks.

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    thers billions&#33;

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    I never imagined there would be so many meanings &#33;&#33; Now if only I could work out which one is to do with CD-ROM images &#33;&#33;

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    The .iso extension comes from the ISO9660 CD format which describes the file structure of a CD. This is a standardization by the ISO organization. No, ISO does not stand for International Standards Organization. It comes from the greek term "iso" meaning equal or same.

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    Nero&#39;s website also explains something about ISO9660.

    Check the film of your camera and you&#39;ll see ISO 100, ISO 200 or ISO 400.
    ISO is everywhere. It&#39;s worse than the RIAA.

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    OK thanks, I understand it better now.


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