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Thread: Ultraseeds

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    anyone know a way of contacting them, the email addys on their site i am not getting a reply from , i'm not looking to complain just clear few things up

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    Sep 2009
    Checked my email account from when i had some bother with them:

    Email 1:

    Email 2:

    I seemed to get a faster responce on the support email then order!... however worth while pointing out that both times it was the same bloke.

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    This is messenger adress i use to contact them

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    maybe they have me on block lol, i haven't been rude or abusive so can't see why i would be.

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    They are server maybe down,i can't login the server from yesterday

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    I couldn't login for the last two weeks, lol

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    damn i was suckered in to paying paypal as a gift lol

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    Mine's been down a week now... I was informed on Friday they were being backed up... and that they should be back up "soon"...

    Not heard anything since then.
    I'm new, yes, but that doesn't always mean anything

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    I dont have problems everything working fine server is up speeds are good no complaints so far after almost month of using service.

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    would be nice to just get an email letting me know what's going on. At this point i think i have been well truely bumped lol

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