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Thread: Who Lives In Nyc And Takes Subway?

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    so anyone know how to bend the metrocard

    bending a used up MetroCard along its magnetic strip in a certain way that tricked the token booth machine into providing a free fare.

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    hmm cant u just jump that booth? say it ripped your off

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    well im guessing u dont live in nyc

    some booths got people there but you can jump through and they will probably see you

    some booths on the other hand dont got people and you cant jump thro since its like a revolving door type of thing... revovles one way...

    since no one is there i can bend metros and get thro... but i just don't know how to

    $2 bucks a ride is so expensiveee

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    I don't live there but I just googled this:

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    lol i couldnt find that!

    my friend told me bout that... he was telling me bout that site...

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    sorry, I onlyi nuremberg, but when I have been in london with it s wonderful
    atmosphere between people - I also used the underground...

    and there if you go in an tube station you have to pass also kind of
    barriers where your put a valid card in...

    the issue:

    I had a valid card, got in and then lost my card on the railway - it just dropped
    on the rails... and I have to explain the guy at the next station when getting out
    my issue, but finally he was really friendly and finally I bought a new card...

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    ummm i think my friend might of got it today... he went to the station picked up a metro bent the card... swiped it a few times... then unbent it and swiped it and it said EXPIRED CARD... lol... so i think he might of got it but picked up an expired card...

    on the floor i saw other metro cards but they where bent on the right corner... when the tape is...


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