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Thread: Mp3 To Cd Audio Conversion

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    Can anyone suggest decent mp3 to CD audio conversion software?

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    The quality can't be improved...

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    Are you trying to make an audio CD from mp3?

    If so, just use nero.
    Open a new Audio CD project, drag your mp3 files from the right window (File Browser) to the left window (Audio1) and burn away.

    Nero will automatically decompress the mp3s and burn an audio CD. B)
    Your mp3 will be unharmed, of course.

    If you're trying to convert mp3 to CD quality, then that's not possible.
    Like fr600 said: "The quality can't be improved..."

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    quality is a completely different question than converting mp3 to cda.

    Like Johnny said, Nero will do it, but any CD burning app that burns audio discs will do the conversion automatically.
    Easy CD Creator, Nero, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc. etc. etc. etc.

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