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Thread: All K-lite Radio Stations And Other Good Ones...

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    ok I just wanted to mention - there are some k-lite radio stations you can
    listen to with winamp where some crazy, no extraordinary and obviously friendly people share their thoughts & music :)

    If you want to open your own independent station with your
    friends or alone, you need Shoutcast Server and Shoutcast DSP Plugin for
    Winamp 2.9 and Winamp 2.9 - everthing on

    Illuminati also offer a fast server to which you can send your stream :)
    just send him a message... Or you can also send him an mp3 file
    which contains your thoughts you want to offer his listeners...

    K-Lite Radio stations

    Station Name: KLB Radio - Illuminati
    Broadcasting Time: Saturdays, 22:00h - 23:00h GMT +1
    Link: Link available here when streaming!
    Owner: Illuminati & some of his friendly friends?
    Description: You listen to some nice mixed music with some
    live voice of Illuminati in between... worth to hear...

    Station Name: sfgi (society for global issues) Radio
    Broadcasting Time: Sundays, 4:00h - 7:00h GMT +1
    Link: Listen Now!
    Owner: (sha're@KaZaA)
    Description: You are going to listen to my shared music...
    you also can request a song on my site from my huge? archiv
    of mp3s...

    I forgot your K-Lite station? Just inform me
    and I will put it on soon... or put it on by yourself. If you decide
    to open your own station it would be good that we cover all
    the weekdays with our broadcasts, so that every day a k-lite
    station is streaming :) also if only to few listeners...

    Other good stations...

    Station Name: Virgin Radio -
    Description: Radio Station in UK, London, which give you
    an experience of the wonderful (opened) atmosphere
    between people in London. Some of my London exepriences
    also on:

    I am sure, you will found thousands of
    radio stations on - just listen to some where
    0 listeners are until now, and I am sure the station owner
    would be happy to have at least one listener :) or wouldn't
    you be happy too when having at least one listener?

    Archived Radio Streams
    If you missed listening to a show, you can download from
    My Shared Folder when I am on Kazaa older streams...

    File: Length: [/b]50246634 Bytes, 49068 KB|UUHash: =Qoh6q5IqOhTroU8a0AnR7JvBjMk=|]KLB - Illuminati - 04-10-2003.mp3
    Length: 50246634 Bytes, 49068 KB
    UUHash: =Qoh6q5IqOhTroU8a0AnR7JvBjMk=

    thanks anyway, david.

    ~nice dreams...

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    Aug 2003
    is the banner still here cus norton blocks mine#

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    Uh, actually it's Darker that's providing the server for all.

    I've just been helping him test out settings and been doing my own show in the process

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    the banner? sfgi or klb? klb?
    darkers server? greetings to him :) is this server at home?
    where is he celebrating his everydaylife :) I am living here in Nuremberg - Germany - Europe - Earth, yes really earth but I am thinking of buying a home
    on mars :)

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    ok, guys just wanted to mention that today sfgi radio would not broadcast,
    cause I have no certain schedule... and Kazaa & Shoutcast running on my pc
    at once, so I decided to let kazaa lite k++ running, so you can download my songs
    from me on kazaa lite k++ :) if you are interested...



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