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Thread: US Seedboxes. Looking for the best.

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    Very rare that we see seedboxes in the US. I only know has some to offer but are there others? I heard its risky but hey, we need speed down here. I've had OVH and other boxes located in Germany but speeds are very slow. It never goes over 1MB and we have killer bandwidth down here to waste. 30MBps Downloads at my residence.

    Can anyone post some links to US seedboxes or resellers?

    Really appreciate it.


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    Santrex unmetered US $159 mo.

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    Softlayer is a another one.But why usa for your ftp speeds?

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    Your wanting just a seedbox as in a piece of the action and not a whoile dedicated server to yourself?
    FDCservers is the hosting provider most of the seedbox resellers use,from what I have encountered.Just do a review of fdcservers on a site like webhostingtalk.
    I never cared for the box I had there as the speeds sucked. (My experience only).

    But if you are wanting a dedicated server all to yourself there are many many quality datacenters in the usa with top quality transit....pricier than eu.
    Currently Using a box now (resellers of softlayer) 10TB of transit @1gbit for $99...I chose the wash.dc datacenter and I am very pleased YMMV.

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    Good luck dude, OVH is the way to go and US resellers just don't live up to them.

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    If you listen to, i don't recommend US servers as a seedbox
    the ping is big because tha majority of torrent sites are in Europe
    so you wont get the max of speed
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    Why would you want your seed box located in the USA?

    I am just curious.

    I chose one in France for various reasons.


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    He wants one in USA because EU peering is shitty to the US for lots of people. is a good plan, the problem will be whether they allow it or not, and/or notice and put a stop to it.

    In reality you are probably better off getting a cheapish VPS that peers well with EU, then go from EU to that, then that to home. The added advantage of that will be one more layer of security.


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