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Thread: Xirvik trial review

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    Since nobody else has started a thread yet, here it is....

    This is the first time i've logged into a box through an interface. Naturally, i'd like more control but the rutorrent webui is very simple to navigate through.

    Speeds---I haven't had the chance to load any torrents with heavy peer activity yet but so far i'm getting a stable 1.4MB/s upload on the one torrent i have active. I can't wait to see how it will do in a real swarm

    I don't have much more to say about it atm because i haven't spent much time with it. Since they are offering these trials for free, I felt I should post my initial reaction/impression.

    So far so good

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    I'm not quite sure when the trial is expected to end so I'm just going to give my review for 6 days....

    Interface---The rtorrent interface was very simple to use (my first time ever using it) and i had no trouble feeling my way around.

    Speeds---I really didn't have the time to sit and look for good swarms. I just downloaded whatever I normally would through the rtorrent and used http+download manager to download the files to my pc later. Nevertheless, I was able to upload over 700gb in 6 days. Given there are 30 days in a month, 3TB of traffic should be a fair estimate for casual seeding. Obviously, if one were to choose torrents more selectively, it'd be pretty easy to upload more than 3TB/month. You can see here for yourself

    Customer Service---I have no clue. I never needed to contact them

    Now comes the important shit...

    easy to use
    good speeds

    no root access
    trial could have been longer :p

    Would i pay $24.95-29.95 for this exact same service? Why?


    I've never been in active search of a seedbox or dedicated server. But I'm well aware of the new bandwidth/traffic restrictions being used by the popular hosting companies--ovh/kimsufi. I live in california and have no means of getting a dedi from ovh (france). Furthermore, I have no desire to pay for setup or windows license if i don't have to.

    Xirvik offers a service for $30/month (usd) and it saves me the trouble of searching all over the net for the sole purpose of *possibly* finding something a few dollars cheaper. I've been quite satisfied with the speeds and stability they've offered over the last 6 days. If i were looking for a monthly seedbox, I'd look no further. Xirvik was more than good enough for me.


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    I am satisfied as well but the speeds:
    Top download speed i manage is 6Mb/s but most of the time is around 3 not so good but
    Uplad speed is disaster i didnt manage to pass 3Mb/s mark on either one of the torrents it seems like its locked on that speed.

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    Sounds decent...which type box(s) did you use? (shared, dedi, etc.)
    "It's not what ya got, it's what you give."
    Please do not PM me for invites. Thx.

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    I also live in California and the speeds I got were great. Like kooftspc11 I really didn't look for the best torrents to seed I just downloaded at random. Speeds I got were 7-9MB/s download and 7MB/s upload. For $30 a month the service is worth it, the interface was easy to use and the proxy service you get with it is useful as well. FTP speeds were also faster than other seedbox hosts I have used (500-600KB/s). The support was great too as I mentioned in another thread I had a problem with logging on and got it resolved within a few minutes on MSN. Overall I think if you are looking for a seedbox host for around $25-30, you can't go wrong with the semi-dedicated package from Xirvik
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    very good performance for a American DC , the only reason i signed up was to check rtorrent with rutorrent, which rocks i could easily make torrents with the web gui , sppeds were very good considering it was shared box , got downloads up to full 10mbs and upload peaked at 3mb which is very decent for a shared box.

    support was not needed , but Xirvik provides excellent support since i have rented a dedi from him past

    some screen shots on 2 of the most snatched torrents this week

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    Xirvik Semidedicated server: 24.95-29.95

    What was included:
    - Your own IP address - no one else is using it.
    - Encrypted transmissions in both web (HTTPS) and FTP (FTTPES).
    - HTTP proxy, so you can access the world without anyone knowing your real IP address.
    - No torrents limit.
    - 150gb storage
    - No traffic limit.
    - 100 Mbit/s connection.
    - rtorrent either with ruTorrent, wTorrent, or rtGui

    Never used rTorrent before but it was quite easy to use. I could easily use any three interfaces offered for the box. rtGUI seemed to run smoothest and not laggy. Using ruTorrent which was the recommended interface was quite laggy and when adding new torrents or rehashing files can cause timeout errors. wTorrent worked well though and had a nice easy to see format but there was no area to see how much you uploaded on a torrent, just a ratio. Thats why between the three i felt rtGUI was the best and smoothest interface.

    The cons to using rTorrent interfaces was not the ability to unrar files that you downloaded. This would allow you to rehash and seed on sites that dont use rars. Also using the torrent interface you aren't able to use scripts and such to auto-download. The ruTorrent interface does have an RSS though i did not test it out. The wTorrent also allows for rss feeds as well but no automation.

    I got pretty decent upload speeds that ranged mostly from 1mb/s to a max of 3mb/s. Download speeds varied largely depending on swarm size. With one large swarm of seeders I got a max of 8.9mb/s. Most download speeds were about 3mb/s though. Upload was steady around 1.7mb/s for most of the time seeding. Most of the time the max was 2.7mb/s regardless of how many files im uploading at a time, seemed to be restricted at that though i did hit 3mb/s for a few seconds as you can see below. Overall I got a total of around 780gb uploaded in a week seeding on various high traffic sites. I did also only use half the box hd space as i felt if I kept downloading more files it would bog it down and also the upload wasnt going to vary much as i was maxing it at 2.7-3mb/s continuously. Highest upload I got was about 145gb on a single 12gb file.

    Max download:

    Max upload:

    I did not try out the ftp but I did try to download via http which was very simple. Theres a section you can go to where you can click on any file and download it just like you would download a .torrent file. Only drawback is you have to click each file individually. I did try to create a .torrent and download via rtorrent to my house and got speeds of about 100-200kb/s. Using the http download i got about 1.5mb/s which was a lot better.

    Customer service:
    I did not contact them though it seems the layout of the box is very simple and easy to use. Theres a support forum and can contact them via msn if need be. They also email you to remind you that your box will be expiring both 1 and 2 days before it does to allow you to renew or not.

    The box runs good. I would recommend it for a person who is a casual seedboxer, not one who is hardcore and looking for large swarm speeds and tons of tbs. Max seedbox usage I would say would be in the 3tb a month range. Decent price for 3tb of data. If you want large swarm speeds and more TB's, look into an unlimited dedi box they offer but they start at 49.95. So if you feel you need 3tb or more then go with one of them. But for half the price you cant go wrong.

    9/10 for a semidedicated

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    I <3 Xirvik

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    i never hit > 3MB/s on upload speed but i didn't really expect to either...On download i was able to reach 8MB/s i think.

    The only type of box i'd ever used (before this) was dedicated so i was a bit frustrated with the inability to unrar files. Aside from that, I can't say i had any complaints. The 3TB mark could easily be reached (and passed) with just a little bit of effort.

    Even on a dedicated box it still takes a good amount of effort to seed more than 3TB/month. Plus, dedicated box also presents the problems of "disk overloaded," something i never had to deal with when using this trial.

    Plus, has anybody actually calculated the price difference for a truly unlimited/unmetered (100mb guaranteed) dedicated server? It's a fucking hell of alot more than $30/month usd.
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    Great Service,Support.
    The speeds were good ,for downloads-got to a max of 7MB/s one some sites ,average it was 3.5MB/s
    Uploads were-4MB/s was the most i could get ,average was around 2MB/s
    Was able to Upload abt 500GB in a week.

    Rating would be 7/10.
    For a semidedicated server at 25$ per month,i guess it would be the best option out there.

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