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Thread: Nintendo wii tracker

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    Have you been wondering where to get your wii stuff from and wanted a dedicated tracker?
    Well good people of FST it is now ready for you to join

    oh and before any one asks we not having any gimmicks like karma/bonus points, free leech
    I know lots will say you need it these days well tough
    there are enough sites offering these fancy gimmicks and they are all after to compete with the big boys but we just gonna focus on wii games and info
    Not looking for anything
    There are 10 kinds of people who know binary. Those who do, and those who don't.

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    Thanks, Duckater! I'm not enough of a gamer to have a dedicated "games" account, but I wish you all the best on your new site!
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    Hey ^^

    The only gaming system I have is a Wii, so this is ideal.

    Thanks for the share.

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    Interesting , nice style , and looks attractive

    and very nice start for having that number of torrents

    Good Luck with that site , it has a future for sure , cause of the little sites of games out there .

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    Thx for the replies people
    e just aim to be an old fashioned tracker just aimed for the wii
    Site is on tbdev source coded by ourselves so no have put up with going to a bulky ts source either
    Also being tbdev built by ourselves should give you some idea of the dedication of the crew running the place
    Not looking for anything
    There are 10 kinds of people who know binary. Those who do, and those who don't.

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    Funkin''s Avatar home skillet BT Rep: +4
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    I signed up too. I love game sites. It's not bad looking.

    And since you don't offer some type of bonus system for us with slow upload, at least we get a few gb's credit to start with.

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    lisabritpop's Avatar godwillblesslisa
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    Next the door
    Rly a nice game site,thx for the info! keep up m8!
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    I don't want to be found.
    Site looks really nice - good luck Duckater.

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    Duckater only if u could help me mod my Wii!!! Damn i wish i could join this but to a non modded user like me it dsnt solve much

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    We are working on getting the best mods and best advice on modding them, until we are 100% sure we are right we will not be posting a lot on that side of things.
    WHY I hear you ask, well thats simple to answer if we mis-guide or mis-inform people and they do it the wii can end up as a brick or if you like it too much a paper weight
    Not looking for anything
    There are 10 kinds of people who know binary. Those who do, and those who don't.

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