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Thread: Help please... completely new to newsgroups

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    ok i go to download ipv6 connectivity and when itsdone downloading i get... INternet explorer - security warning

    windows has found a problem with this file

    xxx file name

    unknown publisher

    this file wasblocked because it does not have valid signature rights...

    just trying to figure this out i came from mega upload downloading rars trying to figure this out ...any help is appreciated..thanks guYS

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    pikwun's Avatar n00b
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    hmmm...i am not sure what file you were trying to download. Was there a website you were visiting that has (nzb's) available for you to grab? Or were you trying to download a file on your internet explorer browser and it failed?

    If it's the last one, then you are not using any type of usenet connection. You will need a usenet client, like Grabit, newsleecher, xNewx, NewsRover... Wiki "usenet client" and you'll find a plethora of them to choose from.

    Please reply back with a better clarification. We can't help you if we don't know what you are actually having a problem with. Also, you might want to step a way from using IE and "try out" Firefox. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck.

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    If your going by my guide here for free Usenet access via IPv6, use Firefox.


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