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Thread: Israeli MPAA Goes After Premier Subtitling Site

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    Israeli MPAA Goes After Premier Subtitling Site
    September 13, 2009

    " ALIS, Israelís answer to the MPAA, has moved aggressively against a site which provides translated subtitles for movies and TV shows. Three individuals who work to provide free subtitles on Qsubs, one of Israelís most prominent subtitle providers, have been ordered by ALIS to pay $264,000 each in damages and issue a public apology.

    Translated subtitles are a wonderful tool for those who either canít read the official language of a movie or TV show or are suffering from deafness.

    Big Media attacks on those who provide these subtitles have been documented regularly here on TorrentFreak. From WikiSubtitles in Spain, to a broad assault on many outlets in Greece, threats of legal action are commonplace.

    Of course, those who rely on translated and home-made subtitles can be very passionate about the enjoyment they can bring, so when anti-piracy groups moved against Legendas subbing group earlier this year, hackers were motivated enough to take their revenge.

    While Legendas argued that fansubbers arenít thieves but avid customers, anti-piracy outfits clearly donít agree. "

    Source:<br /> Homepage: TorrentFreak

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    lol... soon anyone who have a computer capable of playing pirate movie or TV show will be sue.... What happen with this ppls??????

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    OMG !!!!!
    I've got a pen and paper, I'm capable of creating subs !!
    Better bolt the doors so the cops don't bash the door in, lol

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    we won't stop !!!

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    crime of the century.


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