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Thread: Pirates Of The Caribbean

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    hay ppl i have been trying to download PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN but every copy i download is fucked! it only plays 15 seconds of it (i'm talking about the first half of the movie) and then it thinks its finished. dose anyone know how i can fix this OR even dose anyone have a good copy of it that they might want to share???

    thanx ppl

    stormmo split -----lol

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    I have a good copy, but i have no bandwdith at the moment. The files togeather are 1.5 gigs, and it's DVD quality. and i can't send files over KAzaa for soem odd reason, so it has to be over an IM.

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    I have a copy by DaDuck, it locks at 7 minutes and some seconds, but if you skip over it the rest of it seems to work fine.

    If you search the boards for daduck you will find the hash for it. Good quality.

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    Length:716437504 Bytes,699646KB

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    you heard of bit torrent?

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    Yep I have this too good flick watched on TV via laptop had the odd bad frame.

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    ok cool

    i was wondering is there any thing u can get to like find a shit frame and skip past it???? cause whenever it happens to me it like freezes and i have to get up and skip though myself. like a program that dose it for u??

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    i'm trying to play it now in vi preview but theres no video like i can only hear sound??

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    ok working now lol


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