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Thread: Windows Server 2003 Corp

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    As the title says, if any one has it

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    Product Information

    Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit

    Last Updated: September 9, 2003 

    Order the CD

    Register to Order the Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit

    Download File

    Register to Download the Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit

    Related Links 

      Evaluation Kit: Frequently Asked Questions 
      End User License Agreement 
      System Requirements 
      Worldwide Evaluation Kit Programs 

    Thank you for your interest in evaluating Windows Server 2003. The 180-day trial version is now available. Register to order the kit or to download the trial software.

    Protect your system: After you install your trial software, go to Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Center to download the most current updates for the product contained in the Evaluation Kit. For more information about protecting your system, visit TechNet.

    The Evaluation Kit
    The following items are included in the Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit:

    Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, RTM CD
    Windows Server 2003 Resource CD
    A unique Product Key (required for installation)
    Links to additional Web-based documentation
    The Evaluation Kit is available only in English when you order it from this Web site. Localized versions are available in other locales. We will add international Web site links as they become available.

    There is no fee for the Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit. However, additional fees will apply if customers choose to receive their shipment through express methods. Orders from outside the United States are subject to shipping charges and may be subject to import duties and taxes. When ordering from this site, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country/region where you are receiving the shipment.

    The Downloadable Software
    Microsoft is making the Windows Server 2003 trial software available to download at no charge. If you choose to register to download the software, note that you will not receive the product CDs. These downloadable products are available only in English. The following products are available for download:

    Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
    Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition for 64-bit Itanium-based systems*

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    like it says it is a 180 day trial, i would like the full corp version or the 3 in 1.

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    And you don't think 180 days is long enough for you to find and remove the trial restrictions? Ok, what are you doing here asking for a WinBeta or Sharereactor release then?
    You are new to this aren't you?

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    i already have the trial, but i dont want the trial i would like the full corp or the 3 in 1 version

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    WinBeta or Sharereactor


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