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Thread: REQ Good music tracker

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    Hello all, I'm looking for a good tracker for mostly metal and rock, as well as some classic rock. I've lately been downloading mostly flac and trying to find some more obscure metal bands I haven't heard beforen and demonoid is coming up short for me. I'm not looking to get into a tracker just because of it's level or status, I simply want a tracker more on the large size with a good selection of music and retention. If it happens to also be a tracker with a good selection of movies, or a breadth of torrents that would be great also as it would allow me to get most of my torrents in a more secure community than demonoid, which is essentially an open tracker for anyone.

    I'm not sure too much which tracker would be best, I've heard things about ipt, what and waffles a lot. I had an account on stmusic a few years ago when I got started on torrenting, but it was closed due to inactivity (it seemed to have mostly different genres of music than I was listening to at the time, didn't use it much but maybe things have changed), but it was in good standing.

    I don't have a lot of status on this forum or activity here, but I can provide ratio proof from demonoid as well as some ut screenshots of my ratios. I'm open to your suggestions and generosity, and will use any invite in good faith, thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chester90210 View Post
    Hello all, I'm looking for a good tracker for mostly metal and rock, as well as some classic rock. often opened
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    I've applied to that site about a week ago and never heard back, so I guess I've caught it when it's closed?

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    Still looking for an invite to some kind of music tracker, or general tracker with lots of music. Here are some ratio proofs.
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    If you don't get an invite to a dedicated music site then check out The tracker is a gold mine for music. And you can always use Soulseek too. You'll more than likely find whatever obscure albums you're looking for on it.


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