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Thread: Windows is a thinking blank DVD's are full

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    I have a Pioneer 212D and I recently went from XP to 7. Now these discs I have been using (Ridata DVD-r) I know for a fact are blank but imgburn and several other programs say they are disc not empty. But weirdly my verbatim dvd-r dl are showing up empty just fine. I had windows 7 before and didn't have this problem.

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    Faulty disks? If one works but the other doesn't, it seems like it would dictate its the disks fault. Do you have another computer/laptop/drive you could test it on?

    Can't find anything like this on google.
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    Did you ever update the firmware ? I'd try other media like Memorex , or swap out the dvd player .

    The first google link has some ideas .
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