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Thread: Microsoft Visual Studio .net

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    Hi, I did a search on msvs .net about a week ago and there were 1000's of users with the full set of 7 cd's all together in one rar. I tried to d/l it from them but it just said conecting........ for hours even though there were so many users. I have had no trouble d/l anything else.
    I tried to search again for it today and there is not 1 person with it now. How is that?
    Anyone no whats up with this?

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    1000&#39;s <--- i doubt that very much but i cant give a reason why that would have occured

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    It&#39;s hard for most users to maintain that large of an archive without sacrificing something else and the chances of ever completing a download of that size is also slim. While many may seem to be sharing it one week, it&#39;s really a temporary phenomenon. It&#39;s likely that there are small bits of it being transferred between all those users and when each gets what they want, it is burned to disk and removed from shares again.

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    I have the HTTP for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, if you&#39;d like that.

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    Thanks guys, but none of them links led to it. Some of the links opened up emule and the file in the tranfer section just says waiting.....

    I found these links on kazaa

    but i have a feeling that it is msdn. Agent Smith, i would love the http link to it if you&#39;ve got it


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