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Thread: OVH Server

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    I was reading in the forum about the dedicated servers and I'm interested in getting one from kemsirve (like kimsufi, but for Spain) but my problem is that I'm not living in Spain; I have a friend in there and I want to know if he send me the sms code that ovh send can I order a dedicated server paying with my credit card or he need to pay from Spain?


    P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

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    You need a spanish credit card. And the first time, they'll most likely send you a post letter with another confirmation code.

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    Ok, Thanks for the reply!

    I think I will try to find a reseller.

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    im new to seedbox,

    can anyone tell me what is "kimsufi" mean?

    and about ovh,does it have different DC or different country? or only one country?

    because im not live here,i can not buy directly,how can i choose a reliable reseller?


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    kimsufi are the lower end servers of ovh. Same DC, and afaik ovh only has servers in France.
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